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“When a sale is completed, the experience of the seller ends but the customer's experience has just begun".

Aware of this, the Aldo Barbera has always given great importance to its after-sales services. Our relationship does not end with the sale; BEGINS.


All the Aldo Barbera's pumps includes in them price, all of our after-sales services, so:

  • You can contact us anytime, during our office time.

  • Our technical dept. will be at your disposition anytime for free.

  • Anytime you will need spare parts, you have just to call us to receive our immediate feedback.

  • To support you in the best way, our dedicated staff will be at your total disposition.

  • In case of trouble, our informatics system, will put you on the top of our emergency’s list.

ALDO BARBERA dei F.lli Barbera s.r.l.
Via Torino, 22 - 10032 BRANDIZZO - Italy
Tel. +39 011 9139127 - Fax +39 011 9138517
P.IVA e C.F.: 04551770011 - R.E.A. Torino 644951
Albo Imprese Artigiane n.175789 - R.I. Torino n.411/1984
EXP M. 8115787
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