Aldo Barbera

Our system arrives where others don’t.
Thanks to our constant research, our innovative pumping system called "NO PUMPING LEVEL SYSTEM", will allow you to drain any environment regardless of the level of the liquid to be pumped.

Innovative suction for self priming

A pump is effective in his work as long as the water level covers the strainer of aspiration after which, once it aspirated the air, the pump will defuses leaving on the floor a residue of water or liquid of about two / three centimeters in depending on which type of strainer or valve used.

With the device that we produce, we overcome the problem to drain the floor of a basement for infiltration and / or occasional loss, or a flat roof totally flooded by rainwater. Thanks to the particular pumping system, the self-priming pump, connected through coiled tube, is able to drain the entire surface without any interruption.

In presence of water mixed with mud, the system allows an effective extraction of the mud, giving way to wash the mud's residue with clean water.
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